Housing Related Support & Advice Services 有關房屋諮詢服務

This support service is to help the Chinese communities who live locally or in the surrounding boroughs to access different housing related services to improve their quality of life and to help them integrating into the mainstream society. We are using appointment system and any member using this service will be require donating a minimum of £5 per half an hour, depends on how long it takes on each appointment to cover the utilities costs.  

Services and policies are shown as follows:

  • Advice on housing related issues such as council housing, private renting, housing benefits, rent arrears, evictions and housing repairs etc

  • Social Service Welfare benefits assistance; such as help in applying for JSA, ESA, PIP, housing benefits, Council tax benefits, Pension, Tax Credits, welfare benefits applications and universal credits etc

  • Help on interpreting various letters, make phone calls and write letters on their behalf regarding utility bills and other services that enable them to move towards independent living

  • The centre will not allow any claims using false information when using this service.  Any  dishonest claim will be stopped immediately

  • All personal information and individual files are absolutely confidential and kept locked in cabinet at all times

  • Health & Safety policy - re: premises, children, stairs, floor, electricity, fire route etc. Aggressive violent & threatening behaviour towards HCC staff /clients will not be tolerated and will be stopped from using our services with immediate effect

  • Equal Opportunity & Complaint Procedure - If unsatisfied with advice given, users will be given information on how to make a complaint and what the procedure is

  • Signposting all people who are not living in Haringey to the following Centres: such as Chinatown Chinese Centre, CIAC or London Law Centre to help them. If other information is needed, this will also be provided to users

  • We expect all clients to complete feedback forms to improve client satisfaction & expectations in order to provide and maintain a high quality service

  • We do not provide advice and help on immigration issues, business related matter and assistance on getting a mortgage/credit reference